2018. február 26., hétfő


Let's discover Héviz and Balaton together!

I would like to encourage you to discover this place which is so dear for all of us, working with nature.......


The small, picturesque town of Hévíz feels like a village but it is one of Europe's most important sps. Visitors speak of its beauty, its special atmosphere and, of course, its naturel wonder, the Hévíz Thermal Lake. Hungary's other famous lake, the largest  in Central Europe, Lake Balaton is just 6 km away.


The thermal lake of Hévíz is the largest of its kind in the world and covers an area of 47,500 m2. The water gushes out from a 38 m deep spring crater, its average temperature  in summer being 33-35°C, in winter never dropping below 23°C. The water of the lake is famous for its curative effect on different kinds of rheumatic, locomotor, muscle and nervous system disorders, as wel as some gynaecological problems. Relaxing in the lake is also an excellent way to unwind and release the stresses and tensions of modern life.


The "Hungarian Sea"  |  Relax around Lake Balaton  

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